2 – Front Wheels
2 – Rear Outer Wheels
2 – Rear Inner Wheels
4 – Aluminum Caps

Set of 6
Nitto Trail Grappler® M/T
Warranty: Limited

Scale 1 to 10 (best)
8 - Off-Road
6 - Dry Handling
6 - Wet Handling
5 - Ride Comfort
5 - Quiet Ride

Monument Polished Trail Grappler M/T 285/55R22 (34.53 x 12.05)


Every American Force DBO series wheel is designed to mount directly to your OEM dually chassis. Every wheel is designed to exceed structural requirements and is custom ordered to Dually Shop specifications. The Monument DBO is the one of the newest styles to hit the 2023 wheel market.

The Nitto Trail Grappler® M/T provides an aggressive mud tread design with on-road quiet ride performance.

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