The Ten Polished Toyo A/TIII 295/55R22 (Super Single)


2 – Super Single Front Wheels • 2 – Rear Outer Wheels • 2 – Rear Inner Wheels • 4 – Aluminum Caps • All Lug Nuts and Bullet Lug Covers
Set of 6 Toyo Tire Open Country A/TIII (All-Terrain)
* Proper package in line with a leveling kit for your factory dually truck.

The Ten Forged DDC Wheel w/ Super Single Fronts
• Direct Bolt-On: Every DDC Wheel is designed to mount directly to your OEM dually chassis
• No Adapters: We eliminated the weight and the need for expensive aftermarket adapters
• No Rear Dual Spacers: All DDC Wheel packages fit up to 12.50” wide tires
• 10 Lug Design: Innovative designs that blend form and function to give your dually the Big Rig look
• Hub-Centric: All front, inner, and outer wheels are hub-centric to ensure the maximum concentricity
• Zero Plastic: Aluminum Caps, Metal Lug Covers and Stainless Steel Cap Bolts
• Inner Wheels: Raw machined or black inner wheels with matching style and designs
• Highest Load Ratings: Industry leader for both DDC-Cast & DDC-Forged. DDC-Cast load rating: 3,500 (Fronts) / 3,250 (Rears)
DDC-Forged load rating: 4,000 (Fronts) / 4,000 (Rears)

Open Country A/T III
On-/Off-Road All-Terrain

295/55R22 (34.8" tall x 12.2" wide)

The Toyo Open Country A/T III all-terrain tire delivers gripping off-road traction with responsive and predictable on-road handling. The Open Country A/T III provides a quiet ride with exceptional stability, instilling driving confidence no matter the terrain.
Warranty: Up to 65,000 miles

Scale 1 to 10 (best)
8 - Off-Road
8 - Dry Handling
9 - Wet Handling
7 - Ride Comfort
8 - Quiet Ride